新冠肺炎持續在全球肆虐,歐洲成為重災區之一。 香港民建聯聯同「全港社區抗疫連線」,發起「關愛旅歐同胞抗疫行動」, 捐贈10萬個口罩等抗疫物資,由鄉議局海外顧問委員會、新界華僑聯會等團體代為接受,並通過他們送往歐洲僑胞及華裔留學生的手上。

以示感謝,請留下你的姓名和簡短消息,感謝在這個政治動盪的時刻 收到一個無私的禮物。


會長 林道明 謹啟

The Corona virus is wreaking havoc worldwide, and Europe has become one of the hardest hit region. The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong together with the Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Links has launched the 'Anti-epidenic action for compatriots in Europe' action. The donation of 100,000 masks and other anti-viral materials has accepted by the Heung Yee Kuk Oversea Advisory Committee's president Mr Lam To Ming, to be distribute to all the people in need.

To show our gratitude, please leave your name and a short message of thanks for this gracious gift in a time of political turmoil.

Lams Donation


因應新冠肺炎持續全球肆虐,英國疫情嚴峻,之前承蒙香港民建聯聯同「全港社區抗疫連線」 捐贈給歐洲海外僑胞一批口罩,經新界鄉議局海外顧問委員會派發給海外各鄉僑, 由於鄉僑人數眾多,口罩數量有限,個別鄉僑未能獲得派發,深感致歉, 本會林道明會長與大埔鄉事會林奕權主席有見及此,關心鄉僑健康安全,私自購買5萬口罩, 適時加碼紓困捐贈口罩「補漏拾遺」。

口罩一經運抵,本會將會安排寄出,補發給日前已登記的名單。 其餘3萬將會分派到15個地區理事,派發給當地急需的鄉僑,特此通告。

同心抗疫 渡過艱難
祝大家身體健康 生活愉快
會長 林道明
首席副會長 黎育如
行政總監 江水生 謹啟

The Covid-19 epidemic situation in the United Kingdom continue to be unabated and a large number of Chinese people are still experiencing shortages in face masks. The president of the HYK Europe, Mr Lam To Ming, together with the Chairman of the Tai Po Rural Committee Mr Lam Yick Kuen, have personally arranged a new batch of 50,000 face masks to continue the distribution work.

20,000 face masks are allocated for those who already registered. The remaining 30,000 will be distribute by our 15 district members.

President Lam To Ming
c/o HYK Overseas Advisory Committe secretary